Annual Fund for Excellence

Obesity is an epidemic and a root cause for other chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and dementia. At Pennington Biomedical Research Center, scientists are dedicated to finding solutions for these health problems.

Over the last 30 years, our scientists have made discoveries that have global impact and improve the way people exercise, eat and think about chronic disease. Still, many questions remain about the triggers and treatments.

We need your help to find the answers. Your financial support can make a difference now more than ever before.

Your gift to the Annual Fund for Excellence can fuel the exploration of new ideas, innovative techniques, and powerful technologies that not only benefit your friends and family at home, but millions of people worldwide. This campaign guarantees unrestricted funding that can help with pilot studies and program assistance, recruitment and retention of researchers, and other necessary bridge funding.

It is also not limited by the development support fee, so your entire donation will go directly to funding scientific research that changes lives.

Your donation is vital in the battle against chronic diseases. Thank you.