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Employee Giving 2019

The employee giving campaign plays a major role in the operations of Pennington Biomedical Research Center. By giving to the campaign, you’re saying you believe in your work and the work of those around you.

Your gift and participation truly makes a difference!

How Philanthropy Supports the Center: Your Gifts at Work

Here’s How You Can Participate

When you participate in this year’s campaign, you’ll earn cool prizes!



To join or increase your payroll deduction, simply fill out a pledge form, return the form in person to the Foundation, or email it to


To make a one time donation, click here. You may also fill out a pledge form, return the form in person to the Foundation, or email it to


Events will be held on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th!

When you “put your money where your mouth is,” we’re able to show others that we believe in the important work done at Pennington Biomedical, and they should too. We hope you decide to join this year’s campaign!

For more information, call Aryelle Stafford at (225) 763-2645.

Thank You For Joining the Campaign!

Mr. Adam Faucheux

Mrs. Allison Davis

Dr. Allison Richard

Dr. Amanda Staiano and Mr. Patrick Staiano

Ms. Amber Dragg

Ms. Amy Braymer



Ms. Angelina Thibodeaux

Mrs. Angelique Litsey

Ms. Anik Boudreau

Ms. Anne T. Duke

Dr. Anne Gilmore

Ms. Aubrey Windham

Ms. Aryelle Stafford

Mr. Barry J. Buchanan

Ms. Betty Fischer

Mrs. Bethany Gildersleeve


Dr. Bolormaa Vandanmasgar

Mrs. Bonnie H. Trentacoste

Mr. Brad Jewell

Ms. Brenda Dahmer

Mr. Brian Gilmore

Mr. Brian Melancon

Mrs. Bridget Anzivino

Mrs. Bridget S. Conner

Mrs. Brittney Bergeron

Mr. Bryan Dodd

Ms. Callie Hebert

Dr. Candice A. Myers

Ms. Candida Rebello

Dr. Carrie Elks

Dr. Casie Lindsly

Dr. Catherine Champagne

Mrs. Catherine Carmichael

Dr. Chelsea Kracht

Mrs. Chelsea Hendrick

Mrs. Christi Cole

Mr. Christian Lopez

Ms. Christina Zunica

Mr. Christopher Algero, Jr.

Mr. Christopher Morrison

Dr. Christy White

Mrs. Cindy A. Kloster

Mrs. Claire Hazlett

Dr. Claude Bouchard


Dr. Cristal Hill

Ms. Cynthia Tramonte

Mrs. Cynthia Kloster

Ms. Cynthia M. Angelloz

Ms. Cynthia Tramonte

Mr. David Alexander

Dr. David Bayless

Dr. David Burk

Mr. David H. McDougal

Ms. Dawn Turner

Ms. Denise Flock-Williams

Mrs. Diana Albarado

Ms. Diane Gardner

Ms. Diane F. Lowrey

Mr. Dwayne Lambert

Mrs. Edie O. White

Dr. Elizabeth Floyd

Ms. Elizabeth Labarre

Ms. Emily Goodin

Mrs. Emily Mire

Dr. Emily Qualls-Creekmore

Ms. Emily White

Dr. Eric Ravussin

Mrs. Erin Penney


Mrs. Erone Burchell


Mr. Evan Sinnathamby

Mr. Evest A. Broussard

Mr. Floyd Hodoh

Dr. Frank Greenway

Ms. Gabriela Dominguez

Dr. Gang Hu

Dr. Gerlinda Hermann

Ms. Gloria Jones

Mrs. Grace Bella

Ms. Greta Fry

Mr. Guy LaVergne

Dr. H. Raymond Allen

Hanna Zhang


Mrs. Heide Millet

Dr. Heike Muenzberg-Gruening

Mrs. Helia Cheng

Dr. Innocence Harvey

Mr. Jacob Mey

Ms. Jacqueline Fox

Dr. Jacqueline Stephens

Mr. James Dorling

Mr. James R. Palmer

Ms. Jamie Tuminello

Mrs. Janet Fahr


Dr. Jason Collier

Dr. Jaycob Dalton Warfel

Dr. Jeffrey Keller

Ms. Jennifer Arceneaux

Ms. Jennifer Heckert

Mrs. Jennifer Parfait

Dr. Jennifer C. Rood

Ms. Jennifer Terrebonne

Mrs. Jennifer Weber

Mr. Jerry Blanchard

Ms. Jessica Bourque

Ms. Jessica Posey

Dr. Ji Suk Chang

Ms. Jill Roshto

Dr. John Apolzan

Dr. John Kirwan

Mr. Joseph Madere

Ms. Julia St. Amant

Mrs. Julie Hardee

Ms. Julie Persac

Ms. Julie Van Scotter

Dr. Justin Brown


Ms. Kaitlin Lord

Dr. Kara Marlatt

Mrs. Kara Denstel

Ms. Kara Devall

Mrs. Katelyn Daigle

Ms. Kathryn Legett

Mrs. Kathryn Cooper

Dr. Kayla Fuselier

Ms. Kaylee Woodard

Ms. Kelly Phillpott


Mr. Kenneth Eilertsen

Mrs. Kim Landry

Ms. Kimberly Lawrence

Ms. Kimberly Marcell

Mrs. Kori Murray


Ms. Kristin Domangue


Ms. Kristy Mayes

Dr. Krisztian Stadler

Mr. Landon Sims

Ms. Laura S. Dallam

Ms. Lauren Giffin


Dr. Leanne Redman

Mrs. Leah Carter


Mrs. Leslie M. Smith

Mrs. Lindsay Killen

Ms. Lindsey Pate

Ms. Lisa Dalfrey

Ms. Lisa Jones

Ms. Lisa Landry

Ms. Lisa Stansbury

Mr. Logan Louque

Mrs. Lori Steib

Mrs. Mandy Shipp

Ms. Margaret Watson


Ms. Marlo Bayham

Mrs. Mary Jessica St. Romain

Mr. Matthew Viverito

Ms. Megan Smith

Ms. Melanie Peterson

Dr. Melissa Erickson

Ms. Melissa N. Harris


Dr. Michael Saulbaum

Mrs. Michelle Dry

Ms. Monica B. Mougeot

Ms. Monique Powell

Ms. Nancy Pease

Mrs. Natalie Malek


Mr. Nathan Lee

Dr. Nicholas Broskey

Dr. Nicole Fearnbach

Ms. Oriana Berthelot

Ms. Paige Barcia

Ms. Paige McCown

Mr. Pedro Calado


Dr. Peter Katzmarzyk

Drs. Phillip and Paula Brantley

Mr. Phillip Nauta


Dr. Randall Mynatt

Dr. Raoul Manalac

Ms. Renee Puyau


Mrs. R. Leigh Townsend


Dr. Richard C. Rogers


Mr. Robert Leonhard


Mr. Robert Singletary


Mr. Ronald B. Monce

Dr. Sangho Yu


Ms. Sarah Stehr

Mr. Scott Bertrand

Mrs. Sharon Y. Hebert

Ms. Sheletta G. Donatto

Dr. Shengping Yang

Mrs. Sissy Perrilloux

Mrs. Stacie Davis

Ms. Stacey Roussel

Dr. Stephanie Broyles

Mr. Stephen P. Lee

Dr. Steve Heymsfield

Dr. Susan Collier

Mrs. Susan Newman

Ms. Tamra Mendoza

Mrs. Tessa Mahler


Mr. Thomas W. Blalock


Mr. Thomas Martin

Dr. Tiffany Stewart

Mrs. Tiffany H. Prather


Dr. Tuomo Rankinen

Dr. Ursula White

Ms. Valerie D. Toups

Dr. Virginia Webb

Ms. Vyaisha Moss

Mr. Walter Legett, Jr.

Ms. Yinghwa Wu

Ms. Yongmei Yu