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Endowed Chairs, Fellowships & Professorships

Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation is continually working to secure private funding for endowed chairs, fellowships, and professorships.

Derived from a Louisiana constitutional amendment in 1984, the Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund and the Louisiana Educational Quality Trust Fund provide state matching funds for endowed chairs, fellowships, and professorships. Established by the Louisiana Board of Regents, the Eminent Scholars Program establishes a permanent endowment beginning with $1 million, and the Endowed Professorship program establishes a permanent endowment beginning with $100,000. These endowments are created by private contributions to the Foundation that equal 60% of the endowment matched by 40% from the Regents.

The importance of this program is twofold. First, it increases the total impact of funding necessary to conduct the research and educational programs of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Second, donors are given the opportunity and the benefit of multiplying their donations by taking advantage of matching rules and regulations. Consequently, they are able to create a much larger endowment to benefit Pennington Biomedical. These endowments exist in perpetuity, as only a portion of the earnings are spent annually for research expenses and educational programs.

For more information about the endowed chairs, fellowships, and professorships program, contact our office at (225) 763-2511.

Endowed Chairs & Fellowships

Claude B. Pennington, Jr. Endowed Chair

Donor:C.B. “Doc” Pennington
Eminent Scholar:Jacqueline Stephens, Ph.D.

United Companies Life Insurance Co. / Mary Kay and Terrell Brown Chair 

Donor: United Companies
Eminent Scholar: Philip Schauer, MD

Hibernia National Bank / Edward G. Schlieder Endowed Chair

Donor: Edward G. Schlieder Educational Foundation and Capital One, formerly Hibernia National Bank
Eminent Scholar: Jeffrey Keller, Ph.D.

George A. Bray, Jr. Endowed Super Chair in Nutrition

Donor: Pennington Medical Foundation
Eminent Scholar: John P. Kirwan, Ph.D.

Douglas L. Gordon Endowed Chair in Diabetes and Metabolism

Donor: Edward G. Schlieder Educational Foundation
Eminent Scholar: Eric Ravussin, Ph.D.

LPFA Endowed Fellowship
Donor: Louisiana Public Facilities Authority
Eminent Scholar: Leanne Redman, M.S., Ph.D.

Marie Edana Corcoran Endowed Chair in Pediatric Obesity and Diabetes

Donor: Our Lady of the Lake Foundation
Eminent Scholar: Peter Katzmarzyk, Ph.D.

Peggy M. Pennington Cole Endowed Chair in Maternal Biology and the Risk of Obesity

Donor: Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan
Eminent Scholar:  Claudia Kappen, Dr. rer. nat.

John S. McIlhenny Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship

Donor: Coypu Foundation Trust
Eminent Scholar: Elizabeth Floyd, Ph.D.

John W. Barton, Sr. Endowed Chair in Genetics and Nutrition

Donor: Various
Eminent Scholar: Claude Bouchard, Ph.D.

Fairfax Foster Bailey Endowed Chair in Heart Disease Prevention

Donor: Laura and James J. Bailey III, Virginia and John Noland, P. Foster Bailey
Eminent Scholar: Kishore Gadde, M.D.

Endowed Professorships

Douglas L. Manship, Sr. Endowed Professorship in Neuroscience and Metabolism

Donor: Douglas L. Manship, Sr.
Eminent Scholar: Heike Muenzberg-Gruening, Ph.D.

John Stauffer McIlhenny Endowed Professorship in Nutrition

Donor: Coypu Foundation Trust
Eminent Scholar: Phillip Brantley, Ph.D.

George H. Bray Professorship

Donor: Various
Eminent Scholar: Hans-Rudolph Berthoud, Ph.D.

John S. McIlhenny Professorship in Nutritional Neuroscience

Donor:  Coypu Foundation Trust
Eminent Scholar: Christopher Morrison, Ph.D.

John Henry Hernandez Professorship in Health Promotion

Donor: Coypu Foundation Trust
Eminent Scholar: Thomas Gettys, Ph.D.

Dudley and Beverly Coates Endowed Professorship

Donor: Catherine Coates, Camille Coates, Holly Coates Carville
Eminent Scholar: Tiffany Stewart, Ph.D.

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